1. “Keep biting, Robin. No George, that’s not a big enough sample. Stick it back in until you’ve got something the size of a Twinkie.”.

  2. with patience, you can train them to eat right from your hand.

  3. “delicious, almost as good as carpet”

  4. She’s gonna smear that nutella on her lady bits and then its his turn!

  5. “And it’s just this easy to get bitches to eat out of your hand…check out my seminar.”

  6. “Gay, huh? No woman is gay around Josh Elliot. You fucking remember that, Stephenopulous.”

  7. gary coleman's ghost

    That’s the closest that bitch will ever come to letting a man put any limb near her mouth.

  8. “Pay up George! I told you I could get Robin to put my nuts in her mouth!”

  9. 9 1/2 Weeks Part Deux.

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