1. I’d surf that butt with my long board. GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Am I looking at a photo of someone taking a photo of herself?

    It’s got a nice ass in it, so I don’t really care, but really?

  3. Taking a photo of a girl taking a selfie…

    Once upon a time, this would have been seen as ridiculous; nowadays, though, it is so common, it is just sad.

  4. She is cute with such a hot little ass.

  5. Swearin

    If any of you are watching the sunset, you’re doing it wrong

  6. catapostrophe

    “Duck Lip Silhouette”
    Digital Photograph, 2014

  7. “Behold Ra! I offer you a slightly used virgin who offers you her glyph device to ward off Apep once more on your glorious Dawn return!”

  8. AA: “I’m hotter.”

    Sun: “Damn it. She’s right.”

    Sad trombone.

  9. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    They really shouldn’t put wooden picnic tables that close to the ocean

  10. cc

    That’s a delightfully toned, firm ass.

  11. It’s like modern day social media recursion. Yargh.

  12. That ass is made for action.

  13. Here comes the sun…and most of the male Superficial readers.

  14. What a cool picnic table!

  15. she posted this to instagram, using someone else’s phone? why didnt she just post the pic she took of herself when this picture was taken.

  16. Don’t matter how meta you get; a butter face is a butter face.

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