1. This is what happens when you bang everything in sight: You start playing for the other team…

  2. CK

    What’s the Maximum Douche-pency of that room? I think they’re over the limit.

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    That guy in the back with that wry smile wants to take them all from behind, in the behind.
    Look at him, it’s true!

    • Cock Dr

      The guy in the back has already had those Jonas bros….twice. Then he got a little sore and handed them off to Wilmer.

  4. DeucePickle

    It’s Lady’s Night somewhere…..else.

  5. Fish says he’s for gun control and then posts pictures like this?

  6. George P Burdell

    Which one of the Jonas brothers just got dumped?

  7. Testicle Toes

    3 Douche Bags. I remember watching punks. THe homo in the middle was on the show and screamed like a baby.

  8. Testicle Toes

    EDIT: Punk’d

  9. Love the Eddie Monster photobomb.

  10. Perplexity

    Wednesday night is “The I’m Imagining You Naked Stare” Night at TGIFridays. But nobody can outdo Travis, who always sneaks into everyone’s photo.

  11. Frank Burns

    I thought these guys would be more likely to go to a “Bottom-shop Bottom man” event.

  12. Barely enough pixels to contain the dickmagnitude of this pic.

  13. icu

    We three Queens of questionable orientation are
    Looking for butt-buddy’s we’ve traveled so far
    Tuck our nuts and cop a feel
    Hey there, young man, you look like a nice meal

  14. Oh, look! It’s Larry, Moe, and…hey, wait! That guy in the middle isn’t Curly Joe. Just who the fuck is he?

  15. KMC

    Looks like three bottoms attend the Topman Opening this year.

  16. Is this a poster for NAMBLA?

  17. The Three Douchebaggers: Joseph! Nicholas! Wilmer! En garde!

  18. Samoseef

    Bloke on the left is actually Rowan Atkinson.

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