1. I guess he wanted to be discreet and put a blanket on the Asian lady while she blows him… A truly classy fellow..

  2. EricLr

    Here’s the part where the rest of the crowd wonders why he’s delivering a soliloquy.

  3. shemp

    James Bond + Snuggie = :(

  4. tlmck

    Prune juice. Shaken, not stirred.

  5. Flynbyu

    Suck it Trebeck.

  6. cc

    ‘I knew you weren’t English. Red wine with fish. Old man!’

  7. Mr. Fu

    I’ll take Swords for 200 hundred Alex.

  8. “You play like a younger man, nothing held back. Admirable, but mistaken”

  9. Jara

    I like him!
    I think he’s cute!!

    Where have all the men with class and character gone? I love men, all men, but I’m so sick of seeing so many men walking around with a 2-day growth of scrawny beard on their face, and they think that they look cool. It use to be the fad to wear their baseball hat on backwards, and I thought that was pretty bad, but the dirty unshaven look has got to go. Either grown a beard or don’t. Well, I’m going to get off my soap box now, and go get some dinner, I feel like having some Chinese food…

    • I look like I’m 14 without facial hair, like an Italian porn star with a goatee, and like a terrorist with any kind of beard. Just tossing that out there.

    • Blech

      Oh, dear…

      I love the unshaven look. I think it’s manly.

      I don’t like when men overdo their grooming and pampering routines. Fucking shower, dress, push the hair out of your face (if you’re balding, that’s fine– leave it), and let’s get on with it…

  10. meeps!

    I love to see them running. I love the moments of their deaths – when I am one with Zardoz.

  11. kimmykimkim

    We should get a Sean Connery Final Five. Just a montage of these pics from the US Open. I’m diggin’ the airplane blanket. We need more airplane blanket.

  12. Frank The Duck

    “Yes Luke, even Obi-Wan needs a holiday occaisionally…”

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Sir Connery raises his glass signaling the line judge to have both players fight to the death. He would watch but his Snuggie has freed his Asian companion and he does what all good Scots do after they get their “bagpipe” cleaned.

  14. “Don Quixote will drink no wine before itsh time.
    “It’sh time.”

  15. Fingergod

    Well, if a man like Sean Connery can wear a Snuggie, I’m sold!

  16. Blech

    You guys sure that’s not just a blanket? I could have sworn Snuggies came in shit colors…

  17. “Listen, little Asian lass, just because I’m taking a sip of wine doesn’t mean you should stop sucking!”

    (If you want this to sound like Sean Connery then do it in your head while you read it.)

  18. Swearin

    “I can’t believe they made M into a damn skirt. Ah well, here’s to you, Good Ole Days”

  19. mbcl

    “I ashked for a dosh shekkies”

  20. “By the time I finish this wine, one of you will be dead. What? It’s tennis? Not ‘battle royale’? Well, fight to the death anyway.”

  21. Freebue

    Age is kind to no one and unless one dies young, we all end up looking baggy, wrinkly and dried up.

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