1. Mitosis has to be painful.

  2. Ronaldo

    I would like to try to tame that….

  3. With that ass, she probably has her own entry in the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  4. Real? Horseshit! It’s comical. Balloon ass.

  5. YadaYada

    Don Zaloog-nip.

  6. Cletus


  7. You know when you squeeze a water balloon, and you get that perfectly spherical side-bubble that comes out?


  8. A bus hauling a dump truck loaded with fat and stupidity.

  9. Shit, Don, how the hell did you afford that bus?

  10. Her ass is big enough, why did they Photoshop a pic of Earth on there? Oh…wait.

  11. She takes up two seats and doesnt even feel the armrest in the middle

  12. The wheels on the bus go totally flat, totally flat, totally flat…

  13. Coco seen stepping onto my own personal version of the BangBus.

  14. Murphy

    I think I’m going to loose my dinner.

  15. martina

    why? I don’t get Coco, I really don’t

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