1. Swearin

    Good God, that is so hot! Incredibly sexy! It’s got an octopus and a goldfish and everything!

  2. JimBB

    Please god,
    …let Lena Dunham wear this bathing suit.

  3. Ech. This one always seems painfully desperate for attention, like those girls in grade school who put out at 14 because they are so starved for male approval.

    • Why do women post criticism of women? It looks especially stupid when you psychoanalyze total strangers. What the heck do you care, ladies? Piss off!

      • For the same reason men post criticism of men?

        In case you haven’t noticed, I post criticism of both men *and* women on The Sup. The only difference is that no one gets their panties in a bunch when anyone says shit about the men. Sorry, but I’m not censoring what I say about anyone (regardless of sex) because some random guy might get pissy about it. Go white knight elsewhere.

        Seriously, why do you give a fuck whom I criticise? Or whom anyone else criticises?

        And for the record, where I am grade school goes up to grade 8, where most people are 13-14, depending what age they started kindergarten.

    • If they’re still in grade school at 14, putting out is probably their best bet.

    • Heh heh, I know right, Lifester. You tell it, girlfriend.

      Soooo, hypothetically, if one wanted to shame some of these lowlife, mouth-breathing, degenerate male scumbags who do that sort of thing, at what hypothetical grade school would such hypothetical scumbag create an untraceable alias to apply for an after school counseling position? (I’ll need the name and hypothetical zip code).

    • Are boys who bang at 14 “starved for female attention” or just naturally horny? Seems like a double standard is going on here.

      • I never said there weren’t girls who have sex at 14 because they are horny, I was referring specifically to the ones who do so for attention and approval. The difference between the two is obvious even at that age.

        You’d be surprised how many girls are promiscuous without being known as ‘slutty’, because they don’t dress or act to advertise or attention seek, and how many ‘slutty’ girls actually have fewer partners than their peers. One of the problems with female sexuality is that sex drive, promiscuity, level of fetish or kink, attention whoring, need for male approval and insecurity, and fashion are all conflated and deemed equivalent when they are in actuality anything but.

      • Jimmy

        Still ridiculous. If you say they are conflated, how are you to judge whether a 14 year experiencing sexuality is doing so for approval, or basic lust, or a combination, and why does this concern you? If a male or female at age 14 enjoys sex because it fills a basic human desire of approval, why should that matter to you?

      • Because attention whoring, narcissism, and lack of self respect are my most hated personality traits. As such I will comment on people who possess them when I feel like it, whether it is Gaga or Bieber or Miley or Ford. It matters to me for the same reason every other opinion of anyone I’ve ever expressed on here matters to me. Why does anyone on here care if Paris Hilton has herpes? Or if Coco’s ass is fake?

        The only issue is that if I comment on it when the subject is, say, Kim or Khloe or Kanye, guys will agree and comment in kind. However if I comment on it when the subject is someone those guys think is hot, I’m just being jealous and judgemental and am supposed to keep my mouth shut. I happen to not buy into that horseshit. I’ve said shit about Bieber and Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell and Adam Levine that were along the exact same lines as what I’ve said here, and no one gave a flying fuck.

        I’m not going to refrain from commenting just because I’m female, nor do I expect guys not to comment about other guys just because they are male. People judge other people. It’s what they do. You’re judging me for judging her. Everyone else is judging both of us based on these comments. Judging others is the crux of this website’s popularity. No one has to agree with what anyone else says, but everyone is entitled to say whatever the fuck they want about whomever the fuck they want.

      • Didn’t intend to imply that all the guys on here are like that, because many aren’t. Was specifically referring to those who are.

      • I think I want to marry you. Or at least bear your children.

  4. MFer

    Where is she? Looks like an underpass in Philly.

  5. Good for her, getting that part in the XXX parody of “Finding Nemo”.

  6. Juicy Luci. Yummy. One of my new faves. Did she just recently pop on to the stage, or has she been hiding for a while?

  7. I saw a porno that started exactly like this!

  8. Ofc. Murphy

    I’d buy that for a dollar

  9. Is she a ‘surfer’ ?

  10. PassingTrue

    I believe this swimming area has seen its share of divers.

  11. For those who were wondering, this was actually shot underneath a small bridge at Leo Carillo Sate beach in Malubu, California :)
    You can see many more photos from this shoot on my website,


  12. *Malibu i mean ;) sorry for the typo

  13. martina


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