1. Practice makes perfect.

  2. JimBB

    Going in for his audition to replace Chelsea Handler.

  3. You can see his right tit, lol! Nice ponytail!! Not.

  4. Stinky

    He’s like an angel that eats bananas.

  5. “Jenny Bruce is sporting the summer outfit today while gobbing on a banana, while She/He wears no sports bra to keep the basset hound tits in play, Back to you Chip.”

  6. the moobs are coming in nicely (well, relatively speaking, as there is nothing good or nice about moobs)

  7. Vlad

    (s)he wasn’t using it anymore anyway.

  8. Crystal's Mom

    Too easy. Must. Resist.

    Looking good Billy Jean!

  9. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhiteboy

    Someone tell Anna Kournikova that Wimbledon was a month ago.

  10. Wait until he shows this talent to his golfing buddies.

  11. byron821

    Who’s the soccer mom??

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