1. Cock Dr

    My love is eternal for the Ford.

  2. Wow that carbonite is some nasty shit.

  3. “Look! I took off my sunglasses all by myself and didn’t even get hurt!”

  4. JimBB

    Yeah I’d be waving goodbye too if I couldn’t walk five steps on set without breaking something.

  5. Marketing Mike

    Did the Millennium Falcon door fall on his nose?

  6. Don’t just stand there waving like an idiot…GET BACK TO WORK ON THE STAR WARS SEQUEL!

  7. “I broke the entire left side of my body and all i got from J.J. Abrams were these shitty sunglasses”

  8. Slappy Magoo

    I see someone forgot to keep his eyes shut in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant

  9. that nose is the reason he keeps walking in circles.

  10. That right there is why i’ll never watch star wars.

  11. Crystal's Mom

    The theme today appears to be really cool guys and vacuous shallow street whores.

    You can do better.

  12. Michael Buble

    I hope I have hair that good when I’m 70.

  13. Calista only skipped breakfast today, and this is all that’s left of her!

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