1. Satan's bitch


  2. What is it with all these gay men sticking their hands down their pants lately?

  3. He looks one step away from fleeing to Canada and holing up with Randy Quaid.

  4. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Were a shot of Lucy Liu in flanel and Doc Martens away from Ballistic 2: Fabulous Bugaloo.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Antonio Banderas sashaying down the street, farting colourful balloons

  6. Tanzarian

    I’m not sure if he wants to paint a house or toss a pizza.

  7. When was Anthony Quinn resurrected?

  8. Soupofdefish

    Yes, It’s true I played stink finger with Salma Heyek and I keep my hand in here to preserve it.

  9. “Hello, sailor!”

  10. bethy

    Menopause is weird…..

  11. bethy

    You forgot the “n” at the end of the title.

  12. Siloporcen7

    Valderi valdera val de ri! Val de ra ha ha ha ha ha

  13. “Pardon me. Would you have any…how you say…cracker jacks?”

  14. Cookie

    I thought it was the semi black guy from “60 minutes”.

  15. eab74

    Ohhh, now I get his marriage to Melanie Griffith.. He’s gay… makes total sense now, thanks!

  16. GuyLeDouche

    “Stay thirsty, my friends”….ah, who am I kidding?

  17. It didn’t end well for the old man in the sea either.

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Wandering aimlessly, looking for Olive Oil and a can of spinach.

  19. Steelerchick

    What a fabulooooooous scarf !

  20. Captain Haddock…?

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