1. Wait…so Price Harry is in the next Star Wars movie?

  2. It’s part of a series of tests from the Palace to see how long he can go before texting a dick pic to the girl next to him.

  3. Harry’s just chuckling because he zapped a few of her cousins during his two tours in Afghanistan.

  4. yourmom

    “Um, Prince Harry, I’m pretty sure I saw your dic pic online…”

  5. “Never nailed an Arab chick before. That’s about to change”

  6. cc

    ‘Did you know the most popular boys name in England now is Mohammed?’

  7. I bet she just asked him about the carpet. He looks torn between being upset and being horny.

  8. Luke

    “Jabba will see you now”

  9. “ha, yeah, so I didn’t look too carefully below the hijab, you got me. I did totally get sucked off by your brother back there. lesson learned”

  10. The Mujahideen

    this photo disturbs me in many ways:
    1. the fact that the female terrorist is wearing lipstick and
    has her forearm exposed
    2. that fact that she hasn’t used this opportunity to decapitate
    the ginger infidel
    3. the fact that the computer is running Windows Vista.

  11. “Can I blow you…up?”

  12. Harry and the terrorist.

  13. She’s pretty hot, Harry. Don’t just sit there looking all bashful. Bang her like an eighteenth century musket.

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