1. Cock Dr

    That’s a dress made for someone with her modest breasts & perfect skin.
    It’s a somewhat goofy face, but I like it.

  2. Her next role is the banjo-playing kid in the “Deliverance” remake.

  3. Johnny P!

    Rowan Atkinson has nice tits.
    Who knew?

    • Wasn’t there some episode of “Blackadder” where he dressed up as a woman? I feel like there had to have been.

      • Dick Hell

        In “The Archbishop” the trio briefly disguise themselves as nuns. In “Beer” the attendees at Blackadder’s beer bash all wear enormous fake breasts but they also have artificial penises attached to their foreheads, so not sure if that counts.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        You might be thinking of the episode where a woman dressed up as a man, to be his servant, “Bob”, who subsequently got stolen from him by Lord Flashheart.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees Mr. Bean in drag every time I see her with short hair…

  4. Tyler Perry

    Why the fuck did she do that to her hair? This should be a crime punishable by law. She looks like some sort of Keebler Elf.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      it was for a role in an upcoming movie of Les Misérables where she is playing Fantine.

      • Burt

        Well, that’s just plain stupid.

        “Her thick blond tresses, inclined to wave, and easily escaping from their confinement, obligated her to fasten them continually. Her rosy lips babbled with enchantment. The corners of her mouth, turned up voluptuously, seemed to encourage audacity; but her long, shadowy eyelashes were cast discreetly down towards the lower part of her face as if to check its festive tendencies. Her whole toilette was indescribably harmonious and enchanting. Fantine was beautiful, without being too conscious of it. She possessed two types of beauty – style and rhythm. Style is the force of the ideal, rhythm is its movement.”

    • anonymous

      I don’t see anything wrong. Justin Bieber has always worn his hair short.

      He is wearing more lipstick than normal.

    • Techman

      Hey! There’s only one Kiebler Elf and she’s named Stacy! Hathaway looks more like a house elf from Harry Potter.

    • “I am not really bald.” – Tommy Lee Jones, accepting his Oscar in the middle of filming Cobb

  5. broduh jenner

    my dark knight is definitely not rising

  6. The joker never looked so….. pale..

  7. hollyhood

    cute dress, dude.

  8. Colin

    Wait, I thought they said the Scarecrow wasn’t going to show up in this one?

  9. Boy Blunder

    Tom Cruise is taking the split with Katie pretty well, he even bought a new dress and put on his favorite lipstick “Joker” by Chanel.

  10. DeucePickle

    I would destroy this with my pelvic thrusting and then bottle the remains to make my fragrance.

  11. I love it when actresses chop off their hair for a role then overcompensate by showing their tits.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ‘It was Paul’s afternoon to appear before the faculty of the Pittsburgh High School to account for his various misdemeanors.’

  13. Smapdi

    Tip for the ladies: all men everywhere hate this kind of haircut on a woman.

    • suckmyladydick

      Agreed. Long hair all the way. However the one and ONLY exceptions still remains; Halle Berry. She looks BETTER with short hair and yes it defies logic and explanantion.

      Note to my fellow ladies the way to be happy in this life is to get it through your heads that you are not and will never be the exception.

      1.You can’t change the bad boy
      2.You will not look good with short hair
      3.You will eventually get fat if you eat like a pig no matter what you look like now
      4.You can’t pull off high fashion, even the models look like shit in it so don’t bother

      • Mike Walker

        Short hair looks great on women who have attractive facial features that don’t need to be framed by hair. Charlize Theron is another classic example of an actress who looks better with short hair. Long hair on her and Halle makes them look ordinary. Hathaway looks better with longer hair but she’s not too bad.

  14. bbiowa

    It’s like Peter Pan got too much of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust.

  15. vgrly

    She’s going to have to prove me wrong but I can’t picture her as cat woman yet. I just can’t. I also just can’t get pass her nose. I think her short haircut is to blame as well.

  16. Stupid

    She is the ugliest woman on the planet.

  17. lily

    sometimes i think she looks gorgeous…other times not. shes a tricky one

  18. I compare her to a Picasso…slightly offbeat features put together in such a way as to make a fucking masterpiece!

  19. theoriginal LJ

    Please grow your hair back. I’ve had enough of the Liza Minelli imitation. BTW: Nice tits.


    I didn’t know stephen colbert did drag now?!?!?!?!?

  21. Laradurden

    I wish they would just stare at my tits.

  22. Anonymous

    She really needs to grow her hair back. She just doesn’t have the face to pull off short hair. She’s much MUCH hotter with it long.

    With short hair she sort of looks like my neighbor’s 14 year old son.

  23. rawfodog

    That dress is just a gentle breeze away from full wardrobe malfunction.

  24. Liza Minelli just felt the sudden urge to rip a bottle of pills from her bag

  25. We’ve secretly replaced their Emma Watson with Anne Hathaway. Let see if they notice.

  26. Oz Matters

    Miss Vulcan 2012

  27. jeff

    she don’t look bad with short hair but the plastered makeup is bad. they put so much on her face yet the bags under eyes are still visible, look unhealthy…pale and tired

  28. Damn. The tits are the only thing saving this.

  29. It’s Officer Trudy Weigel

  30. Troy Polamalu

    I’ve never been so sexually attracted to another man.

  31. squishy

    Is it just me or does her noes look bigger since the short cut and also, her dress appears to be defying gravity…crazy glue?

  32. Anne Hathaway of confusing the hell out of my penis.

  33. harshfucker420

    I’d throw the bone to her and question my sexuality afterwards.

  34. Jaime

    All she needs is a tan and a long haired wig.

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