1. EricLR

    Still hotter than Jonah Hill.

  2. This photo should have a censor bar over those nipples. Or over that face, or that paunch. Whatever.

  3. Grace

    He’s actually lost weight. Good for him!!

    (I’m not on the right site with my positive comment, am I? LOL)

  4. Alex

    LOL, Chaz has man boobs.

  5. Mos

    Ha! I thought she was Cher’s daughter, and I thought, “Gross!”
    Then I saw who it was, and I thought, “Gross!”

  6. yeah…the sex change seem to have solved all his problems.

  7. Art Crow

    Still NSFW. Or anything ever.

  8. meeps!

    Seth Rogan looks great…

  9. George Zimmerman made the jump into the witness protection program at lightening speed…

  10. George P Burdell

    Chastity would still be a girl if her knockers would have been that big before the change

  11. Dirk Diggler

    Damn he looks like he lost some weight

  12. Skippy86

    Dude they fucked up your nipples

  13. Hey Hasselhoff, just because you can still fit into your old Baywatch trunks, doesn’t mean you should do it in public.

  14. Personally, I’d take him over half the other douchefucks that get posted on here. At least I know he wouldn’t be an arrogant cockbag.

  15. jamesVa

    i’d blow him.

  16. Amy

    Justin Bieber, looks a little bloated.

  17. Paul

    Did anyone else think this was an after picture of Rob Kardashian?

  18. Helena Handbasket

    Looks hotter that 80% of the dudes that I know.

  19. Hung Lo

    Did he lop off some sizable hooty jabos ?

    Good luck whatever.

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