1. A Spanish priest swore that if he jumped of this particular cliff, all of his gay thoughts would go away.

  2. Flatliner

    Jesus Christ, who’s the clown that photoshopped out the cross?

  3. Dropping faster than his metacritic score for After Earth.

  4. MarketingMike

    It must have REALLY hurt like hell when he hit the water,
    and the kielbasa his marketing people stuffed in his pants,
    slammed up against his bare crotch.

  5. My grandpa use to say “Jumpin-black-Jesus-in-his-chones-with-
    a-boner.” Now I get it.

  6. One of the lesser-known scientology powers is the ability to hover in mid-air, powered by clarity of purpose and the harnessing of your own smug farts.

  7. He did go to Florida to get his super powers from Scientology. Chris Angel up yours!

  8. Vlad


  9. Aww fuck, now all I can think of is this –

  10. fred


  11. Odbarc

    Black Jesus’ invisible cross gives Will wood.

  12. “… And that’s how I became the Fresh Eunuch of Bel-Air!!”

  13. Man doesn’t he know black people cant fly.

  14. Swearin

    Goddamn World Cup, f’ing Brazil; now everyone wants to be a Christ the Redeemer statue

  15. CK

    kanye wishes he thought of this pose first.

  16. dontkillthemessenger

    I noticed that his wife and kids are in none of these pictures.

    Hey man, when you leave the country, you have to take those assholes with you… don’t leave ‘em here with us.


  18. So it is written: For Willard Smith Sr. loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not need to watch any more really shitty movies.

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