1. Anyone else here thought that was Kirsten Dunst? I mean, sure you’d have to suspend disbelief someone knocked her up but….

  2. Justin Beaver

    AAAAAHHHH She ate E.T.!!!
    Maybe more than one even…

  3. Frank Burns

    Great, yet another sign she’ll never make a rockin sequel to “Firestarter”.

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    white pants dont look good on anybody but the GOOD HUMOR man

  5. someone

    great! another pregnant chick. When will they stop???????

  6. Kristen Wig does the best Drew Barrymore impression.

  7. vgrly

    Jessica Simpson is bigger than Drew in her 3rd trimester.

  8. bigalkie

    Yeah…I’m so great… I had to have chance of me passing on fucked up genes.. Poor kid + his mother will be a hundred by the time he graduates rehab

  9. paul

    Drew Barrymore, and more, and more…

  10. That was a lob

    Kirsten Dunst face here

  11. RobN

    Did she just get out of ironing rehab?

  12. her body finally matches her face

  13. cc

    They’re heeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

  14. What is Mama Fratelli going to do whe. She finds out one of those Goonies is pregnant!

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    “All You can Eat” is not a challenge Drew!

  16. QtPi

    Easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl? Right now, not so much.

  17. rican

    Getting into character for that Susan Sarandon biography film.

  18. I fucking love this woman.

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