1. I’d pee in her butt. Oh, wait…(There ya go, PhotoBoy!)

    She is so damn pretty. Yeah, I know some people say she’s got cankles, but considering the rest of the package, cankles, in MY book, are acceptable.

  2. I don’t know what she does, but I like the way she does it.

  3. tlmck


  4. seriouslynow

    I’d like to hold her cankles while I lay the pipe.

  5. cc

    Peaches are in season!

  6. Emma Watson's Vagina

    thought it was Cindy Crawford

  7. guest

    that’s a small dick she got in her pants

  8. That was a lob

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her, ya eunuchs.

  9. Lord Invader

    Not sure about you guys, but all I can focus on in this photo is the white star on her left nipple. I blame Highlights magazine.

  10. El Jefe

    I am going to make a fortune selling Valtrex to you guys.

  11. lily

    beautiful face and hair, not into her body

  12. anonymous

    Her chin scares me and the aviators do nothing but emphasize it.

    However, she does have a rockin’ body and an ass Kim K would knife a bitch for….

  13. Heywood

    perfection plain and simple… Anyone would smash that

  14. Quijibo

    Pleated pants are almost never ok, but i’ll make an exception here.

  15. Boo

    So nice.

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