1. CK

    There’s that “pregnant glow” I’ve heard so much about.

  2. Willie Dixon

    So am I looking at the Death Star or Darth Cold Stone?

  3. The only thing this body could bounce back from is being hit by a semi. Learn to love your new shape, Snooks, ’cause it’s here to stay.

  4. theoriginal LJ

    I’d swear that’s Ron Jeremy in drag.

  5. lily

    god help that child

  6. El Jefe

    Just a fucking slob.

  7. FattyMcGee

    And out of nowhere a wild Snorlax appears.

  8. the crazy betty


  9. Alison

    Your expectations are way too high. Relative to their non-knocked up appearance, she looks better pregnant than Hilary Duff.

  10. ozmosis


  11. El Capitan


  12. Bonky

    Anybody want to take bets on how fast her baby commits suicide once it finds out who it’s parents are ?

  13. Mickey01232000

    Look it’s a beachball with legs!

  14. JustHereForTheLaughs

    Looks like she’s gonna do pregnancy the Jessica Simpson way.

  15. Grand Poobah

    She seems to be in whale mode, don’t really see a pregnancy here at all,, just whale

  16. kimmykimkim

    Looks like everything is going just as we all knew it would.

  17. little turtle head

    Damn I wish my seed was the one growing in her….

  18. What’s that say on her shirt? “Goodyear”?

  19. cc

    She’s ripening.

  20. sassy

    I’d say when that water breaks it’s going to be at least 90 proof.

  21. chloe

    remember when she said she’d “die” if she looked like jessica simpson did when she was pregnant? Well, by my calculations, she’ll meet Jessica’s Jabba and raise her one Han Solo.

    • This cross between a basset hound and a milk cow has a lot of damn gall even speaking about Jessica Simpson. First, Jessica Simpson is beautiful. Second, Jessica Simpson could buy and sell Bossy…I mean, Snooki…daily and never run out of change. Third, Jessica Simpson shits out more brains daily than Snooki will ever have in total over her entire lifetime. Fourth, if Snooki would rather die…then go ahead and fucking die, already. Just wait until you have delivered that innocent that’s growing in your womb.

  22. skidmark

    is she having the baby from her tits?

  23. Blech

    She ate Hilary Duff!

  24. Blech

    Or maybe she’s gorging herself over these 8000 months so that her baby’s nice and fat and tender for a ritual feast at birth time.

    I don’t. Knooooow…

  25. bazooka joe

    hopefully it eats its way out

  26. cagster

    What asshole put a baseball cap over it’s blowhole?

  27. Still has shitting pants look on face………….

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