1. ThisWillHurt

    You’re supposed to stuff the front, Seth.

  2. Nothing like stink-palming a fan…

  3. Batu Khan

    Let me pull another script out of my ass.

  4. That Asian chick isn’t going to be smiling after he removes his hand from his ass and then gives her his autograph.

  5. pigglywiggly

    What on earth would Carrie Underwood want with a shot of Seth Rogen’s ass?

  6. JuJuBoogie

    Rogen’s dealer could be heard just off camera: “Opium suppositories. Ideal for your purposes. Slow release. Bring you down gradual. Custom fucking designed for your needs.”

  7. In these photos there is always a Chinese girl laughing as he pushes the wedgie she gave him back in his pants…

  8. Vlad

    Yes, Seth, we already knew the title for your movie, you didn’t have to pantomime it.

  9. broduh jenner

    more like “is this the REAR end” amirite?!

  10. You are suppose to wipe your ass before you pull your pants up and definitely before you leave the restroom.

  11. Out of the way douchebag, you’re blocking the hot Asian chick.”

  12. cc

    ‘What is sexy?’

  13. Melissa

    As obtuse of an actor as he is, I still find myself wanting to ride his face into the sunset…

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