1. Charlie’s Angels, if they weren’t all a bunch of vapid c-words…oops…never mind.

  2. Donald Sterling

    Tweedle Dum
    Tweedle Dee
    Tweedle DD

  3. “Okay, who’s gonna tell them we actually got ‘em here to help with the giant Gorilla problem?”

  4. coljack

    Consumer Reports evidently thinks Aubrey O’Day’s breasts are merely “Acceptable.”

  5. Ronaldo

    Now escorts are being offered on top of the Empire State Building?

  6. Nothing to see here.

  7. Please tell me someone threw them off after this’s true was taken. Or maybe a giant gorilla grabbed them.

  8. Aubrey’s the best there.

  9. Look at the curves on Aubrey O’Day!

  10. Johnny Barbells

    …they were in philly this past weekend …at the TLA theater …which is about 1,500 capacity (standing) …so, that tells you everything you need to know right there.

  11. These whores are so small I bet you I could toss them over the Empire fence!

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