1. Oh god, when will this end? First Milosevic, now this??

  2. Nik

    Oh gosh this is far worse than snooki.

  3. I will say this for her…..

  4. Tanzarian

    Since when are tv stars the broads that used to be behind the counter of your crappy local pizza shop?

  5. With an ass that big, you’d think I’d have seen her name before.

  6. Jon

    Her ass isn’t big, she’s just fat.

  7. Fire up the ShopVac. This one needs lipo.

  8. cc

    I just stopped praying for peace on earth.

  9. rican

    I would definitely do her before snooki, although for both I would leave long before the need for a coyote arm chop.

  10. Ironic to have a peace sign so near a crime against humanity.

  11. Squishy

    Noah, passing through…parting the waters…or something…

  12. elaine benes

    “and then he aimed the gun like this, and fired…. and that’s the story of when I was shot in the legs and ass with buckshot”

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Give it three more days then its Xmas ham in July!!!

  14. Turd Ferguson

    Cant they just quarantine this part of Jersey – or all if it if you cant narrow this shit down?

  15. MAX

    These gutter-trash kids from Jersey are NOT ‘liscious….The show should be called “Jersey Pukeiscious”, or “Jersey Gutter Rats”, or Jersey Skank”, or “Jersey Vomit Lumps”. Their families have to be beyond embarrassed and ashamed. Is there anything more vile and absolutely disgusting than this bunch of Jersey GARBAGE??!!

  16. g-moonie

    That peace NEVER had a chance.

  17. Satan's bitch

    I’m rooting for the inevitable urinary tract infection.

  18. Michael

    the ass that changed a thousand channels….

  19. KC

    Jersey Boar!

  20. MrsWrong

    How is it possible to simultaneously have both a fat ass AND a flat ass?

  21. AT


  22. Blech

    C’MON. This should be outlawed.

  23. whatever jokers i’d demolish that. like a discarded hard drive

  24. How did I click on

  25. vitobonespur

    Is it just my imagination or are all of these Jersey Guido-ettes the same person?

  26. Is it peach season already?

  27. BSting

    Apparently in New Jersey, you hail hotdog vendors like taxis. That ass is hungry, bro, don’t want to keep it waiting.

  28. CharmlessMan

    OK, someone explain to me again why the whore who lived down the hall in my dorm my sophomore year is famous?

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