1. Mr. Poop

    this guy has some big nipples

  2. caley

    Sitting in Danny DeVito’s chair from the set of ‘Twins 2′.

  3. renotastic

    “Deez boots vere made from conflict-free crocodiles!”

  4. “Like the boots? Real yautja – I hunted him myself!”

  5. EricLR

    These boots are made for stalking.

  6. Its embarrasing that his wearing those ugly, no class, offensive boots when there are so many poor people in the world

    • Hate Mongrel

      Arnold helped all of the poor people who were involved in making those boots when he bought them. And he is helping them even more by wearing the boots in public so others who see the boots and like them will seek them out and buy them for themselves. If your fucking bleeding heart actually gave a shit about poor people you would buy a pair of those boots too.

      • Fuck. Now I need to go buy some alligator boots. For the children.

      • …wait …so …”all of the poor people who were involved in making those boots” are poor because not enough people buy the boots …not because corporations use third-world slave labor and pay them dick …ok, got it …hey, tell ayn i said hi when you get back to galt’s gulch.

  7. His Hummers alone have raised the temperature of Earth by an average of 1.3 degrees.

  8. Joke about Predator feet

  9. Must have been held in the children’s playroom at Ikea.

  10. “Ah call my group Maids in the USA”
    “But what does that have to do with climate change Mr. Schwarzenegger?”
    “Ah dono, but eet makes mee so hot eet changes dee climate een my pants”

  11. cc

    Oh my God, he skinned his Maria and her into boots!

  12. Arnold thought he was safe in Brussels, after all. The hex that Jean-Claude Van Damme had put on him if he ever set foot on his turf seemed to have been fruitless. Little did Arnold know that the curse was slowly taking effect, starting at the feet.

  13. “But I vas under orders. I had no choice but to open fire on the entire crowd of chews.”

  14. Joe Blow

    Hmmm… he might want to see a doctor about that dry, scaly skin on his feet.

  15. tlmck

    “Yah. I hitted him so hahd he turned into a pair of boots.”

  16. …standard issue republican “redneck sympathizer” boots? check.

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