1. Lucion

    Harley Quinn?

  2. your mom

    They’re not trying to portray her as a high school student, are they??

  3. Lip color the same as hair color = bad fashion choice.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    If the clothes don’t fit, you must get her to quit.

  5. Crissy

    You know what the risk is when a “curvy girl” gets all that attention, they start thinking the curvier the better and then they get FAT!!! Never fails!

  6. it had to be said

    Bald, stupid, bad lipstick, but as god is my witness I’d have fun plowing her.

  7. Rico Jones

    Even though she is bald and she fucked that jig Kanye I still find her attractive.

  8. Joe

    Valedictorian at Kim Kardashian’s School of Famewhoring.

  9. JPC

    Wilmer Valderama and Amber Rose in the same movie.

    The Avengers better watch out! New blockbuster on its way!

  10. cagster

    This “School dance” sounds like it might be a load of old shit.

  11. Misana

    I like looking at her.

  12. The only room left for her to put more makeup would be internal.

  13. bigalkie

    The end is near!

  14. Whyask

    Since when did fucking Kanye West make make a street whore relevant?

  15. Oz Matters

    It’s like Captain Picard had a daughter … with Scotty.

  16. cc

    The Highland Games have changed a lot over the years.

  17. Nina

    Hot damn. I don’t give a shit what anyone says. Amber Rose is obviously hot. T&A for the win!

  18. richie

    usually luv this chick – not her bet picture

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