1. Lunch, Hasselhoff style.

  2. Is it too optimistic of me to hope this is a drug-fueled breakdown?

  3. Work Safe Pr0n in 5….4…..3…….2………

  4. Crissy

    Oh this movie is about THAT kind of JOBS?!… Now I get why they cast Asston!

  5. it had to be said

    Blowjobs: the Movie.

  6. The Brown Streak

    “You’re snorting that coke all wrong!” Lindsey snapped.

  7. EricLr

    “Ashton Kutcher on the set of Jobs”

    No, you misread it. It said “Ashton Kutcher sits while looking for a job”

  8. Mr. Poop

    what a douchebag

  9. tito

    looks like the sequel to Blow.

  10. CK

    “Me likey skinny green cock!”

    (That’s all I got. It’s been a long day and he just ain’t worth the effort.)

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Pretty smart Mr Kutcher, but I don’t think Steve would have poked his eye with a straw in the first place

  12. Well played, True Green Chem Lawn. Well played.

  13. Cock Dr

    Stoned again.

  14. Raoul

    This is how stupid people imagine smart people get their brilliant ideas.

  15. bigalkie

    Where is the show runner? My straw holding assistant is MIA.. WTF!!!

  16. cc

    He’s about to meet the same fate as Coughlin in The Town. I hope.

  17. Nix

    This douche makes 750K an episode! I just found a new level of hatred for the world.

  18. He’s only doing that because he heard that soda would be illegal in New York…

  19. Jonesy


  20. skidmark

    reason #12 why mila kunis just couldn’t make it work

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