1. BJ

    The Amazing Mumford

  2. Count Fuckula!

  3. He looks like the most emaciated vampire ever…

  4. So that’s what the Phantom of the Opera looks like without his mask? Um…put it back on, please.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    When someone asked if Cocaine killed vampires, a big laugh was had by all.

  6. nick

    “I want to suck your cock!”

  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Giggles all round. It’s the Cape of Good Dope

  8. rantatonne

    “Onnne, Twwwooo, Thrreeeee ounces for Count Cokula.”

  9. MarkM

    YOU told the papers that John Travolta molested you?!? So did I, Ahhahahaahaa!

  10. Bigalkie

    When in Hungary, do as Hungarians do!

  11. I'm a jerk


  12. Dannuuuu

    Count Scotula

  13. AAPL made me rich!

    shenanigans involving Jessica Simpson’s skirt

  14. Paul

    Gerard Butler?!


  15. This. IS. CHOCULA!

  16. It’s all a buck of laughs until Count Douchula turns into a bat and flies up your girlfriend’s cocktail dress.

  17. Jill Ess

    BAHAHAHA! Jorge!? Are you keeeping track!? That threeeee fansay puuussy I’ve ‘ad duenight… AH AH AH AH

  18. CK

    Count Doushku.

  19. Pirate Hunter

    That’s my attorney.

  20. cc

    He’s batshit.

  21. The Brown Streak

    There’s always a little Dinklage under every cape.

  22. Joaquin ingles

    “My good sir, would you be so kind as to point the way to where we may find the young vixens? Ahhh. Over in that vicinity I see. Blessings to you. Come hither Basil, there is much pussy to be deflowering this night.”

  23. Blech

    What’s behind the arm according to my disturbed brain:

    Butler pulls it out.
    Friend has a laugh.
    Butler pretends to not know what Friend’s laughing at and laughs harder.

  24. When did vampires go from sucking blood to snorting coke? Fuck it, I’m just glad this one isn’t sparkling.

  25. mbcl

    “hahaha we’re at a ‘GAYLA’ “

  26. tlmck

    I see he’s wearing his STD shield for later.

  27. Freebie48

    He was so hotin The 300. Now he’s beginning to go the way of Mel Gibson – his nose is bigger, his face is puffy and droopy. Not a good look.

  28. EricLr

    Watch as I, the Great Magnifico Magico, make your wife’s fidelity disappear!

  29. Donkeylicks

    “and then she’s laek when I told you we needed to improve people’s opinion of your image a cape and tux wasn’t what I had in mind… Laek a fock’n wummin noes class”

  30. “I bet if I turn the cape inside out I’ll be able to fly…”

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