1. Johnny P!

    I hope some of the proceeds will be donated to “Tempura House”.
    The shelter for lightly battered women.

  2. Carolyn

    Looks like a really bad wig.

  3. DeucePickle

    I’d rub that on me.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Sigh… I’ll never be good enough for Tony. “

  5. cc

    Rihanna poses for hew new fragrance ‘Lewd’.

  6. The Brown Streak

    This is also the same photo shoot for her new shampoo “Lice Out”

  7. CK

    Using Instagram for your “ad campaign” steals work from legitimate graphic designers. Bitch.

  8. R.

    Ill fitted wig..

  9. jim x

    What’s with the old picture of Prince?

  10. That doesn’t look like her….

  11. It worked for Lindsay so now it’s my time to try out cocaine chic.

  12. Jade

    I like Dennis Rodman’s new wig!

  13. cheryl

    Black women: you look like ass with blonde hair. Rihanna: you just look like ass.

  14. MILF

    Wasn’t this her pic in Craigslist when they allowed “erotic services?”

  15. Blech

    Introducing ‘Ew de Toilet’… by Rihanna.

  16. roseY

    I thought it was called “Dude”

  17. Lou Poo

    Ugh!! She needs to take a break and quit the hard partying!!

  18. kimmykimkim

    Her boobs make me sad.

  19. Allison Wunderlan

    If that’s an ad for a fragrance, it should be called “Dirty hair and hangover face.”

  20. She’s got Crack-ho chic mastered.

  21. harlee

    Rihanna poses for her new fragrance, ‘Jonbenet’

  22. lily

    trashy per usual

  23. Cal Jammer

    What the hell IS that thing?

  24. WSack

    just looking at this photo makes my crotch itch.

  25. ugayifureplyme

    she must be the ugliest bitch in the whole world

  26. Bubbles Mcgee

    So… let me get this straight.. she gets the shit kicked out of her.. and then quickly turns into a slut.. my how the world turns.

  27. tlmck

    They found a way to bottle “Eau de Skank”?

  28. foog

    First time I’ve seen Courtney Stodden without that stupid fucking armband.

  29. dangermike

    Judging by the picture, I would expect the perfume to smell like a bowling alley restroom.

  30. HawaiianZ

    Nude: A Breezy sophisticated aroma of burning styrofoam, with hints of menthol and Barbadian taint.

  31. “What the fuck…??? How long have I been a blonde?”

  32. King Diamond

    Was she in the lab (wearing a lab coat and all) when they came up with “her” fragrance? Talented woman. Nice wig btw horse head.

  33. Wow! the Serena Williams drag queen contest had some serious contestants this year!

  34. dinosaurland


  35. eau de pretty

    its called “nude” because calling it “carpet/=drapes” was way to obvious.

  36. Ben Dover

    should be called SKANK

  37. Quijibo

    That looks like herpes.

  38. Jeri

    NO THANKS, Looks like a prostitute!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. chloe

    every time i see this picture, i think DAMN! courtney stodden got a jacked spray tan this week

  40. squishy

    Crack Ho ‘Nude’ or White Trash ‘Nude’?!

  41. This bitch is so fucking ugly! Nice to see a pic where she’s not trying to distract everyone from that fact with clown hair and coochie shots.

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