1. Wow, it’s like a hot Jenna Jameson…

  2. She’s “presenting”.

    So am I.

    So am I.

  3. Watch out, tiny lady, you’re gonna get a giant elbow to the face! Also, duck lips.

    • Fan

      She is 5’8. Unless she is in a NBA convention, she won’t get that many elbows to the face…

      • Wikipedia says she’s 5’9″, but whatever. She’s rather statuesque either way…
        [img] turner-340_510.jpg[/img]

    • heywood

      stop being a hater because girls like this sh*t on you in high school. She wins… Definitely a perfect 10 go take your tears in the bathroom and jerkoff

  4. PRSummer

    Too bad everything about her is fake (including the booty):

  5. The Brown Streak

    Who says comic books lie when real women jut their hips out that far?

  6. When is pimp gonna show up to say he’d eat her ass or something along those lines?

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s fake….like the flavoring in a Twinkies snack cake, but you know people gobble them up anyway.

  8. I’d eat her ass like colon cancer.

  9. Chinny

    Scoliosis has never been sexier.

  10. it had to be said

    Totally defective love doll. The mouth should be in a more convenient “O” shape.

  11. errol

    its gross

  12. ksmack

    “Where did you get that dress, ugh what were you thinking! and those shoes….! Oh god that hair…”

  13. alex

    the best collage of plastic money can buy.

  14. “Everybody cheese it! That dress is going to blow!”

  15. Bonky

    “See, this is what happens when you don’t drink your milk girls, you end up with a curved spine and what man is going to want that ?”

  16. HubbaHubba

    As a black man, when I close my eyes, this is what I see. Wow speachless…..

  17. mando

    wow didn’t know hot duck was an option

  18. Some women just like to leave-it.
    But I pull up quick to re-trieve it.

  19. Grand Poobah

    thanks to the curve in her spine, when she shits it hits the ceiling….gross (almost as gross as her)

  20. Grand Poobah

    isn’t this condition called ANALBIFIDA

  21. Grand Poobah

    She has a shelf for a been in the front and another been in the back, on second thought she’s perfect

  22. Grand Poobah

    oops beer LOL

  23. Bloo

    I am utterly mesmerized by that amazing roller coaster ride that is her body. I don’t care if she is fake and dumb, when I close my eyes and masturbate I imagine Sophie Turner not Jeneane Garofalo.

  24. Bootology

    positively comical

  25. Ticonderoga

    I’ve never wanted to motorboat an ass so bad

  26. Sweet Jeezusss…is that an injury?

    I like her and would love to peruse that body once she disrobes.

  27. She looks like the Cat Lady. Pass

  28. cc

    Nothing funny to say. I love her ass.

  29. Boo

    Nice ASS!!!!!!!

  30. richie

    i say god damn!!!

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