1. Johnny P!

    The expression on his face shows it all.
    So much respect.

  2. Smapdi

    By ‘talking’ you actually mean ‘haggling’, right?

  3. YoMamma

    “I’ll suck yo’ dick for a dollar” ~ Chris Brown

  4. OK 2 black eyes and a sock to the stomach… but no choking…

  5. Chris is wondering if he needs to lower that window an inch or two further before pummeling her ass.

  6. River

    From the back it looks like Miley Cyrus found her calling…

  7. EricLr

    Looks like someone talked back and now is gonna walk back.

  8. your mom

    Oohh, so you have a dick in there too? GAME ON.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “Hey little girl…want some Hawaiian PUNCH!?”

  10. Crissy

    “So can you handle a couple of punches?”

  11. “So you heard from Martyn it’s better to give than receive?”
    “It’s on bitch”

  12. rantatonne

    No dick, no dice.

  13. “If I punch her in the face, I might hurt my hand again….but if I hit her in the stomach I won’t do as much damage with my limp wristed combat style. FML!!!”

  14. it had to be said

    “Mystery” means “not yet beaten” in Chris Brown world.

  15. Admiral Hackbar

    “Hey bitch. You look like you can take hit. You wanna ride?”

  16. “When you say one-ninety five an hour, you mean $1.95, right?”

  17. Jon Hex

    Hope some dialed 9-1, just in case.

  18. mando

    “Yhe gurl, you’ll do juz fine..”

  19. Sound Off

    No, I don’t have any candy bitch… hold up. Is that your little brother over there. Does he want some candy?

  20. fuckface

    “I just saw you walking away from that broken down car there. Hey, do you need a lift? You know I don’t usually do this. I just thought I would do something nice for my fellow human.”

  21. That’s not a girl. Mystery solved!

  22. Grand Poobah

    50 bucks if I can tenderize you a bit first….

  23. The “mystery” part is why in the fuck is she even talking to that festering asshole?

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