1. sweet peaches

    “Thats attractive” said no one EVER

    how DARE you touch the BEASTIE BOYS classic?! – said me

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Most people never know the exact moment they catch herpes.

  3. I dig the chapeau, Huggy Bear.

  4. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Globe, a RAGING Kim Jong Un smashes his computer screen and orders missiles to the coast…

  5. You know she’s thinking “why do I taste Korean dictator jizz?”

  6. Scientists will now finally know “Aids or Herpes…Which Virus is stronger?”

  7. tlmck

    Suicide by Rodman.

  8. yourmom

    WHO the FUCK does this tramp think she is to cover The Beastie Boys??? Nobody covers The Beastie Boys…


    It looks like they’re acting out that scene from Evil Dead

  10. lawn

    Kim Jong-Un is good for something — making Dennis Rodman look like a total chump.

  11. gross & grosser.

  12. Later that night, Dennis showed Cara his version of “Brass Monkey.”

  13. Why is there a need for a remake, and by anyone who’d kiss Rodman? Ew.

  14. This must be a “Taste a Has-Been” Foundation.

  15. “Alpha-Bravo-Charlie to Roger-Fucked-the-Dog: wait until they are at least an arm’s-length apart, then grab the girl and get her to a decontamination chamber immediately!”

  16. Skippy86

    I thought he died from something Madonna gave him.

  17. I’ve caught herpes, a sizzurp addiction, and probably AIDS just by looking at this photo.

  18. the kid


    “praying mantis on the court ,and i cant be beat”

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