1. Damn it, PhotoBoy! Now I have to change panties!

  2. “Great… Someone please bring in the cleanup crews. We have an incident”
    “Is it Hamm?”
    “No, it’s Skarsgaard this time”

  3. I dunno, it could be jealousy talking here, but he looks like he’s a bathrobe, a steam bath, and a glass of milk from becoming Liam McPoyle.

  4. yourmom

    great. now me and my computer are knocked up.

  5. Caroline

    It must be me, but I think this guy is just so forgettable looking.

  6. He looks like the Home Alone kid’s sexier brother. Eh. No.

  7. Are we sure this isn’t Marjoe Gortner?

  8. No, this is how you turn a mic on!

  9. I’m no biology expert. . . But if that microphone were a penis, it would already be pregnant.

  10. JustWalkingMyUnicorn

    Damn he is one fine ass man.

  11. JFC the bear paws. I want to wear him like a hat. Perfection, thy name is Alex SkarsgÄrd.

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