1. I’d like to see Megan Fox wash THIS in a bikini!

  2. It's what's for Dinner

    I hope he lays that thing down and the fireball is fucking magnificent.

  3. Riding a moped is liking riding Michael Bay. You may have to do it to get from point “A” to point “B”, but you’d rather no one know about it.

  4. Looks like Michael Bay had Megan Fox painted silver. Nice upgrade.

  5. Bigalkie

    Gerard Diepardeau must be on the meth! That was fast!

  6. It transforms into a robot that fucks him in the ass.

  7. CK

    Is he doing “GoBots” next?

  8. cc

    Thinks to himself ‘Well, at least it’s not as gay as that SmartCar.

  9. Jon Bon Jovi does one Aleve commercial…

  10. Jill

    You know what the worst part of being a scooter rider s?

    Coming out to your parents.

  11. ri

    If you choose a scooter over a real motorcycle you should only be allowed to direct romantic comedies.

  12. My My

    This is not my scooter! This is my Eagle One Megathrust with the optional sidewinder rockets and built in inflatable supermodel. (Helicopter chase not pictured.)

  13. journalschism

    The guy in the Smart Car called him a pussy.

  14. Little Tongue

    John Bon Jovi on a scooter???

  15. bethy

    “Yeah? Well, I’ll bet your penis doesn’t fit in the ignition of YOUR car!”

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