1. “Can I see those pictures once you’re done taking them? I’d like to do some retouching.”

  2. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    “Can you tell what it is yet?”

  3. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    He always makes me think of the “duck song” Youtube it and I think you will agree

  4. Jonas Grumby

    Chin Lolo

  5. “A few years ago George Lucas made and ate a sandwich. To this day he’s still throwing pepper and mayonnaise down his throat to ‘improve’ it.”

  6. Mwaddams

    Wow, did Harry Potter age fast.

  7. They’re giving awards to inanimate objects, now??? I’ve had a few bosses who’d qualify.

  8. KC

    The CGI team was almost able to remove all of the jowls from this photo.

  9. Elf

    “Yes, I know I’ve got no neck. But hat was how I really envisioned myself from the beginning. I just didn’t have the means and technology to do it before now.”

  10. mbcl

    “For the last time I’m not Foster Brooks !”

  11. Matt

    All hypocrisy and asinine actions aside (changing the OT films, refusing to release the OT in DVD/Bluray, Indiana Jones 4, etc), George Lucas does seem to be a decent guy. He has been generous with his money to many charities, donating hundreds of millions. I know he’s a billionaire and he can afford to do this, but he still doesn’t have to. Just sayin’… :)

  12. My My

    Avatar who?

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