1. This man should have an Oscar… One day convincing us never to touch marijuana and the next day to jump knee deep init…
    Kudos, Mr. Phelps.

  2. He THINKS he’s getting some of that. Her smile says “thinks” is the key word.

  3. I guess we know the answer to what Ryan Lochte ISN’T doing. Well played, Phelps.

  4. Cock Dr

    They offer each other intellectual stimulation I’m sure.

  5. John

    gonna go play in the deep end I see…….GOOD MORNING MR. PHELPS!!!!!

  6. Let this be a lesson to you, kids. THIS is what happens when you know how to score the good weed.

  7. He wishes he was hitting that.

  8. You hear scientists talk about humans and Cro-Magnons co-evolving, but it’s difficult to believe until you see the evidence.

  9. She phelped his tip rubbing against her I’m sure

  10. Whyask

    It’s a good God-damned thing he’s talented – if he had to get by based on his looks he’d starve to death.

  11. C’mon, Michael…are you really banging Bar Refaeli or are you just fuckin’ with everyone?

  12. They need more people in their conga line.

  13. cc

    Poor guy, having to do that in a bathing suit. How embarrassing.

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