1. I know she has an Oscar and a decent career but would it kill her to smile for cashing a paycheck?

  2. Smapdi

    In fact, Singer has written Storm out of the ‘X-Men’ movie in favor of a new character ‘Crazy-Ass Mom’.

  3. billy idol is looking more feminine.

  4. They keep making Storm’s hair look shittier and shitter in an effort to make Halle turn down the role, but so far it hasn’t worked. In the next film, they’re just going to shave her head and glue a merkin to her forehead.

  5. In this movie, Storm gets pregnant and everyone congratulates her on being a single mother, but behind her back talk about how she’s too old and a slut.

  6. What the fuck is up with her hair? Why can’t they keep it the way it is in the comics?

  7. So do all the X-Men get wigs in the shape of Magneto helmets now?

  8. ThisWillHurt

    “I’m Bat-Shit-Crazy Girl.”

  9. I call this picture, “Crazy Takes Flight”.

  10. “And now, here to tell you everything about anything, is Mr. Know-It-All…”

  11. Edel Brock

    I’m gonna miss Rebecca Romijn. Way hotter than that overhyped butterface, not fair to bring back all the actors from the original except Romijn.

  12. PJ Bandit

    - I’m Batman!
    - No, No, Halle! For the 10th time you’re Storm…. Now, ACTION!
    - I’m Batman!
    - Cut!

  13. Why on God’s earth would they bring her back?

  14. Bryan: “I’m going to need you to stand in my trailer and flap your arms. My AC went out again.”

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