1. yoop

    There can be only one!

  2. Nothing says serious UFO documentary like, “I gots no shoes!”

  3. As a UFO junkie, I will watch this!

  4. The Tolkein purists don’t like to talk about the lost chapter with Aragorn’s secret hobbit love child.

  5. goddammit I hate this guy.

  6. Dude’s got a lot of smug for someone whose most recent flick is called ‘Buttwhistle’.

  7. The only possible response to this is WHAT THE FUCK?

  8. Hopefully they’ll do another bad Punisher movie, so he can afford shoes.

  9. Looks like his shoes got abducted.

  10. Carolyn

    Thomas Jane? More like Jane Thomas.

  11. anonymous

    Never thought I’d see the day the Punisher goes hippie.

  12. Why is Thomas Jane not wearing shoes.

    • He rarely does. There are a ton of event photos out there where he and Rosanna are on the red carpet looking like they just arrived from the planet Woodstock.

  13. EricLr

    Rick Springfield is looking good for his age.

  14. it’s hilarious because if you follow Thomas Jane on Twitter, read his interviews, etc., he always talks about how he really doesn’t give a fuck about the usual Hollywood system, etc. And lo and behold – the man is true to his word.

    Seriously, how many of us wish we could truly give as few fucks as this guy does and still be successful enough at what we do to be considered truly successful? Seven. That’s how many of us think that… seven.

  15. Jenn

    Thomas offering to show how the aliens probed him.

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