1. What in the blue hell?

  2. Its the Rock doing one of his food challenges.

  3. And so began the titanic battle between two behemoths…
    But Jessica Simpson would not back down from the Rock’s challenge.
    She’s been on this battlefield before and was not about to concede defeat… or any of that pizza…

  4. AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! I ordered 6 pepperoni with steroids, 6 plain cheese with HGH, and they forget the HGH!!!!!!!!!

  5. Toe Jam

    Two of the Rocks favorite things – 10 pizzas, and an enlarged photo of his shaved nuts. (I can only guess thats what it is on the left). A dolla makes ya holla.

  6. Cock Dr

    The thumbnail confused me and the big picture didn’t help at all.

  7. Pfft… he’s not nearly fat enough to eat all that pizza. He should step aside and let a real man take care of that – ergo, me.


  9. Inner Retard

    An early promo shoot for Fast and Furious 7: Stuffed Crust, Faster. But I think the studio wants a new writer.

  10. Roids, its what’s for dinner.

  11. “It was pretty cool, yea, but it’s still better when a GIRL answers the door naked.” – The Pizza Guy

  12. He’s always spoken of his love of pie.

  13. I thought this was Vin Deisal.

  14. alex

    I’m guessing he’s raging because he can’t have any pizza and keep so fit.

  15. KC


  16. “Can you SMELLLLL what the ROCK just had delivered!?”

  17. “You crazy bitch, I told you I’d come upstairs just as soon as I eat my lunch.”

  18. jesus christ i want some steroids

  19. stewie

    Remember when he got off the juice because he thought it would open up more film options?

  20. fuck him that pizza looks delicious

  21. peyteygaya

    Gay. Scientologist.

  22. In the corner, a frightened pizza delivery boy is trying not to shake the camera phone and shit himself long enough to receive his tip and leave the apartment alive.

  23. lily

    greek god body…so sexy and big yum yum

  24. martian

    this looks like the rock’s body with the face of vin diesel!

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