1. I wanted to go but I couldn’t afford her celebrity queef class.

  2. Partial buffet?

  3. Cock Dr

    If we can just get a few more of these WASP-y wholesome looking blonde lesbians on the telly gay marriage will quickly be legalized in all 50 states.

  4. BelVita…isn’t that some sort of gourmet cheese or something like that?

  5. “Now everybody raise your left leg and release your queefs. Remember queefs come out of front, not the back. If I smell shit, I’ll shut this class down!”

  6. I can’t imagine Calhoun shooting a TV ad.

  7. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to watch “How to Change your Colostomy Bag” web series with Jane Lynch. It looks just as good as “Glee”.

  8. yomama

    Like pig in shit.

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