1. He’s thinking to himself, “These here scuba britches will inspire the respect that has long eluded me.”

  2. Cock Dr


  3. I call this look “ironical meta hipster – psshhhh, whatever”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Because of yesterday’s pics, some of you actually thought the DoucheMaster was going to be outdouched?

    Never, you silly fools.

  5. fdg

    this guy is THE definition of douchebag.

  6. “Goddamn…I come out here to off myself in peace and it turns out there are thousands of people here who want to watch.”

  7. Jentilly

    Ah Coachella, where super rich celebs dress like homeless hippies.

  8. Even the people at Coachella are asking, “What the fuck?”

  9. “Hope they wrap the set soon. I need to get back to my job as a New York bike messenger ASAP!”

  10. Wheee!

    Dang! Where did I park my unicycle?

  11. John Travolta

    Dude seriously. Why not just wear a reg pair of jeans? I’d even let you keep the stupid wife beater tanktop.

  12. Jordan Catalano…must you break my heart this way?!

  13. been itching to comment somewhere, I have not seen ONE mention anywhere of the band or performers at this thing. is it a secret? Only those who attend can know? Now I do read other blogs, websites et al, elsewhere, NOTHING. Refuse to google it.

  14. In all honesty, he chooses Coachella to dress his less douchiest of all? (Granted it is still whacked out and all, but for him…)

  15. How she did it?

  16. just_elizabeth

    So I guess he’s back to being a boy now. Maybe. Nah you know what…never mind.

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