1. She’s trying to estimate how many mediocre writers it would take to get these things out of her car.

  2. EricLr

    Imagine a girlfriend who would never have sex with you and asked you to help her move every weekend. That’s life with Katherine Heigl.

  3. maeby

    Those pants are working suuuper hard right now.

  4. Buddy the Elf

    Jesus, never thought it possible but even WORSE from behind.

  5. Boo,

    Whatchoodoin’? SKINNY jeans are for SKINNY people. That’s why I don’t wear them. Neither should you. Just sayin’…

  6. That’s not really Katherine Heigl. It was a slow news day so some pap just took a picture of a blonde looking into the back of a van. He ended up getting $1,000 for it by saying it’s Heigl.

  7. Dammit….I know I threw my career in here somewhere…

  8. turd da third

    She needs some ‘back’ from Kimmy K to make those jeans look better. (and KK could sure stand to give some up so its a win win situation).

  9. cc

    Calabassass, actually.

  10. savedatwins

    whoa. talk about bad life choices

  11. But does it walk like a penguin?

  12. Jimmy

    why did i read that as calabass?

  13. tim

    Some one need to diet, and stop eating so much semen!!

  14. Lynx

    Wonder how many farts a trapped in there.

  15. bethy

    For free pants from the back of an SUV….not bad.

  16. prissy

    I thought she adopted a baby – looks like she had one! jealous much beyonce??

  17. blablabla

    None of you morrons realise that the huge box in the car is a sewing machine BERNINA (made in switzerland) ! xD The girl is useful ! Kudos !

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