1. Josephus

    And suddenly, for reasons she did not yet understand, Portia found herself…excited. Ellen struggled to hide her concern.

  2. Didgeridon’t.

  3. “Yay! Look Ellen, we’re having heterosexual sex!”

  4. Portia’s having some serious flashbacks to her straight days.

  5. Cock Dr

    Portia is thinking that if this is all straight men have to offer she’ll stick with the Ms.

  6. Ellen Hater

    1) I am not anti-gay. 2) Ellen D is not the MLK of the gay community. Her luxury house is proof of that. 3) hate her show. People should know who they are paying when they mindlessly watch TV. (F’ her multi-million contracts with Covergirl, and JCP).

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      MLK slept around on his wife. Does Ellen treat her partner with such similar disrespect?

      Lesson for today: noone is perfect.

  7. Skippy86

    I think her time down under is having an effect, shes turning into a marsupial.

  8. Ruckus

    when the photo op was over, the musician was puzzled by the strange fish smell coming from his didgeridoo. ellen had puked up shrimp into his instrument. at the edge of the stage, she was met by Brett Ratner, who handed her a wad of 20s. Brett went on stage and took the didgeridoo, and then ran off, cackling in the night.

  9. I don’t know how anyone can find Ellen DeGeneres attractive.

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