1. Her cap is misspelled. P-I-E should be S-H-I-T

  2. “Is she still giving me her ultra-bitch face?”
    “I can’t tell”

  3. That is Kate’s die face

  4. “That face cost you a husband. You might want to cut that shit out.”

  5. If she had taken other stuff to the face, she would not have 87 kids right now.

  6. “Bitch, you’re lucky you’re not my kid cuz I would beat the shit out of you.

  7. fred

    repeating silently to self, “PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME. PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME. PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME.”

  8. Tarte au citron face.

  9. Slappy Magoo

    Are you sure this is for Celebrity Apprentice? Are you sure this isn’t from 2 weeks before getting the gig on Celebrity Apprentice?

  10. shouldn’t this rancid cunt be raising all the mongrels she shat out of her sludge pot, rather than fame-whoring for tv again? just a thought.

  11. “Oh you think this is easy? You want to try working with this cunt?”

  12. So, who’s the celebrity?

  13. anonymous

    This when is Bitch spelled “PIE”?

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