1. joe

    “Mommy, please don’t make me see ‘Frozen’ again.”

  2. Damn, she’s hot. Pity about those extra pounds she’s carrying… in her arms.

  3. Swearin

    That kid is going to be very pretentious when he grows up

  4. Jesus, even her camel toe looks cold.

    • crb

      In her native Antarctica, the cool-kid-slang for that is, “penguin gusset”

      -or in the case of a snowbirding Khloe Kardashian, “walrus winkle”.

  5. memyselfandi

    So that’s what they meant when they said Hamm’s dick was in her pants!

  6. January Jones, a child, and a cubic yard of quick dry cement. You do the math, kids, but I call it “probable cause”.

  7. Are you my daddy?

  8. Johnny Barbells

    “Xander gets the Gas Face!!! BLPBLPBLPBLPBLPBLBP!!!”

  9. Icehawg

    “Mommy….why is the man with the camera screaming and turning to stone?”

    “Because I told them ‘no more warnings’ that’s why.”

  10. anonymous

    Poor kid has to wear super skinny pants and bright pink socks in public.

  11. B-rad

    I love her.

  12. KtothaJ

    OMG Shia LaBeouf is her baby Daddy!

  13. Dayummm…that kid is really guarding those Milk Duds, isn’t he?!

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