1. Deacon Jones

    Pedophiles: They’re everywhere

  2. Hellisforsissies

    Kid Rock, what else needs to be said?

  3. SuperT

    Apparently Mr. Rock thought this was to honor President Clinton.

  4. LambOfTheCloth

    So we’ve got Carrie Underwood and Kid Rock at the Bush tribute, let me guess the rest of the guest list:

    1. Tanya Harding
    2. Paris Hilton
    3. All of the Real Housewives
    4. Steven Tyler
    5. Fred Durst

  5. Kid Rock is looking more like Grandpa Rock these days. I expect he’ll be shaking his fists of rage at the kids on his lawn soon.

  6. That hat makes him look like Old Geezer Rock instead of Kid Rock! What a tool!

  7. Daemon8666

    Billy Bob Thornton hasn’t looked this good in years.

  8. Ksurfiws

    Is he smoking that other guys leg?

  9. H6E6X6

    Why don’t we call this “honor President George H.W. Bush” what it really is…a Klan meeting.

  10. Spocktopus

    Sam the Eagle grew a goatee!

  11. annie from fremantle

    kid rock? more like old goat rock…

  12. He’s into Assault & Circumcision now.

  13. Eli

    Noone’s gonna believe he’s a Viatnam vet. with a name like “KidRock”.

  14. Hmmm, I’m going to see the President today. I think I’ll dress like a cholo bumper sticker image.

  15. DeucePickle

    There’s a joke involving AARP in here somewhere but I just can’t put any energy into formulating it. Or caring.

  16. He looks like he needs some Tiger Blood.

  17. Ho.Lee.Shit

    This ain’t the meth convention?! What the hell they got me doing?

  18. Misanthrope

    Sad to discover he didn’t really die 10 years ago.,342/

  19. dontlooknow

    …”I’m not your daddy, I’m your grampaw”…

  20. It had to be said

    Mr. President, I was so excited to be here that I put on a cleanish shirt. Wanna cigar? They’re the good ones you gotta cut the ends offa. Not them ones with the little mouthpiece you get at the gas station . . .

  21. KWDragon

    Isn’t that Reagan’s face peeking out from Kid Rock’s chest? I wonder if during the event you could see Cheney’s arm peeking out of GWB’s a$$.

  22. Charmless Man

    Go to directly Old Coot. Do not pass go.

  23. dave

    *Totally* misunderstood the meaning of “honoring bush”. Y’all know where I can find a strip club close by?

  24. Crimsonking

    “Gimme 20 on PonyPony in the fifth race.”

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