1. Deacon Jones

    Wow, keep eating the pain away honey!

  2. Rickets

    Kelly Clarkson lost weight!

  3. contusion

    Katie Couric is looking youthful.

  4. Inner Retard

    Genetic time bombs are a BITCH!

  5. Her getting fat is a just reward for all the shitty movies and bad acting she spewed out.

  6. This doesn’t stop me from stalking her.

  7. I still would. She was a little too skinny before anyway.

  8. A full-moon face? Has it been a month already?

  9. tlmck

    She has an little web series on YouTube called “Blue” where she plays a high priced call girl. Her wardrobe is very interesting.

  10. Maaartin

    best that you stay away from “crafty ” miss , you gonna eat your way out of a job

  11. Maaartin

    actually a moon face is one of the side effects from steroids

  12. Tiggles

    She ought to change her name to Julia “Fatty” Stiles.

  13. I see she ate the burger Heidi Klum was holding…

  14. Well, it finally happened – Julia Styles and Adele just passed each other on the fat chart.

  15. Hey Julia – Uncle Fester wants his coat back.

  16. DD

    looks like a younger kathy kinney

  17. JungleRed

    I didn’t know Kim Jong-un had a sister.

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