1. kevin kenish from connecticut

    I hope he as least changes his drawers

  2. Who took a picture of this unfamous guy?

  3. He paused in the midday sun to breathe it in deeply. “Piqant”, he thought, “with a hint of corned beef and stale beer. Sub tones of chalk and berry.” He reveled in it’s structure, texture and balance so deeply he barely noticed the tourist exclaiming, “Fuck, who shit here?”

  4. Every logger and Mountain man in Upper Canada have changed the way they dress because of him.

  5. Inner Retard

    We never see him with or in a new set of anything. So we better not ask where that coffee came from.

  6. Just you all remember…HE PUT TOGETHER THAT LOOK.

  7. spare change for some food?

  8. Mitch

    Looks like every other queer biker in the Castro district in San Francisco.

  9. RAWZ

    Gross, you can see bell end.
    Not sure how he figured he’d manage to get a camera mounted on that lil guy…

  10. Swearin

    I gotta give a little bit of respect to a guy whos style continually blurs the line between actors and teamsters

  11. He could have taken acting advice from Jeremy Irons but he went with the fashion tips.

  12. “…Anh noow, forh sum’thing cohmpletely diff’runt…”

  13. What the fuck, does he just step outside once a week or so just to see if anyone notices him?

  14. rican

    Watch out people, he looks ready to beat the living shit out of someone’s hands, with his face, again.

  15. I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to do the Radcliffe thing, hoping if he wears the same things all the time people will stop taking his photo … but then I remember who he is.

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