1. Juch

    A puppy’s first prostate exam is always a tough one.

  2. Colin

    Bestiality. Because animals can’t say no.

  3. DeucePickle

    Your punishment must be more severe

  4. Judging from the look on the dog’s face, his breath must stink bad.

  5. finally, a worthwhile picture

  6. Mr. Poop

    “We both know that I now have to kill you. You’ll just have to imagine the fire”

  7. I will show you where I have made my home while preparing to bring you kibble. Then I will break you.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    “When you have been properly neutered . . . then you have my permission to hump my furniture.”

  9. Tom Hardy: I wish I could quit you.
    Puppy: HELP.ME.

  10. Bestiality is totally going to the dogs!

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