1. Nice to see some of those meth scars cleared up.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Biggest coke straw I’ve ever seen.

  3. He’d better hope he doesn’t run into a gang of Rockers.

  4. broduhjenner

    ahhh, good to see pete’s keeping the 17th century original publication of goethe’s faust in such pristine condition. jk it’s cocaine

  5. Pilin

    The most old drug addict survivor of entire world…..

  6. What’s in the tube?! What’s in the tube!?!

  7. Can we PLEASE get some scientists to study this guy for his meth-resistant DNA?

  8. J

    How is this guy even still alive?

  9. Bob

    Make fun of him all you want, but you have to respect anyone brave enough to pass the horrors in Keith Richard’s vault of doom and learn the secret of immortality.

  10. The only guy in the world with the largest Cheech and Chong Big Bambui rolling paper collection.

  11. Graduating to rodents larger than gerbils, Pete needed a bigger tube.

  12. I said, Moonwalk hipster! MOONWALK!!

  13. Photo Boy, I don’t think this actually is Pete Doherty…

  14. Inner Retard

    If he was going for the gay bohemian engineer look… he succeeded.

  15. fred

    Looks like he is starring in an all-meth head production of Oliver!

  16. Hey, he’s still alive! Good for him.

  17. crb

    Not pictured: Dem teefs.

  18. “Just wait till they hear me play The Battle Hymn of the Republic on this cardboard tube.”

  19. JO JO

    proof positive that Rehab kills people…..

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