1. Ruckus

    It’s all fun and games until she whips out a dong.

  2. I’m done pretending Nicki Minaj is anything but gross. It occurs to me that I don’t even know what she’s famous for, I only know her from pictures of her clinically diagnosable enlarged ass, and having her novelty sized jugs hanging out of whatever she’s not wearing.

    • I clicked just to see who this harsh faced fellow was as he suspiciously resembled my neighbor. Now that I have connected him to the jumbo ads on the NYC subway of Minaj as a blonde with clown face and grotesque ass and tits, I find your efforts to masquerade your true impulse commendable and heroic.

  3. Saying you wouldn’t fuck Nicki Minaj because of her fake ass is like refusing to eat cake because it’s not your birthday.

  4. The best body our money could buy.

  5. She’s got a great body. That’s a definite WouldDo.

  6. Johnny Barbells

    …fuck all ya’ll …i’ve always said; if she were just that really cool chick who worked at your local target, she would be hot as shit …it’s all this “nicki minaj” bullshit that makes her kinda gross.

    • tlmck

      If I saw her at Target, I would just think she was typical ghetto trash, kind of like she is now.

      • Johnny Barbells

        …ok, i meant; if you’re not a racist and she was just a chick who worked at target…

      • tlmck

        It would only be racist if I were referring to all black people as ghetto trash. I am only referring to Nicki and the people she exploits to move her product.

      • If I saw her at target I would think she was typical fat, ugly, wig wearing, uneducated, annoying chick who made me wish I never went to target, kind of like she is now.

      • Becca

        She’s not fat or wearing a wig. The guys who spend their days on the internet seem almost borderline retarded.

  7. So how’s a Filipino ladyboy makin headlines on the Stoopidficial these days anyway….?

  8. absolutly…

  9. pillsy

    Pondering: ‘….and these rocks — could they just possibly be useful to increase my bumosity?’

    • Pondering: ‘ I hope this wall outlet has GFI protection being so close to the open water?’ …Nicki’s all about electrical safety

  10. cc

    Less labia than last time. Hurray.

  11. Fuck yes. Her body is perfect.

  12. gumbypokey

    I applaud her for ditching all the ridiculous glam-garbage outfitting and makeup. Let’s hope she keeps it that way. I think she’s attractive. Would be even better without the giant fake ass.

  13. wow

    Is he pooping? I mean, she… Surely it’s a big plastic poop for that big plastic ass.

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