1. GĂ©rard Depardieu has a brother?

  2. Ruckus

    With Gandalfini gone, I guess he is in charge now.

  3. JimBB

    Every rock entourage should have at least one guy in charge of saying “You’re too old for that now.”

  4. These Spiderman villains get more and more unbelievable with every sequel.

  5. Son of Flubber

    Proof, skeleton pirates can be full figured. You go girl.

  6. Sil, at the next sit down you might want to pass on the antipasto. And the Cesare salad. And the lasagne. And the garlic bread. And the spumoni.

  7. “Thunder Road?” more like “Rocky Road”

  8. George P. Burdell

    We know to whom James Gandolfini left his endless bag of nachos.

  9. Brought It

    Not-So-Little Steven.

  10. Dick Thunder

    “I guess since Clarence died SOMEBODY has to be “The Big Man”

  11. He looks as stupid as Springsteen sounds.

  12. Medium Steven ain’t even cutting it.

  13. Mammomax

    I watched like 4 episodes of the Soprano’s trying to find a line I could make into a fat joke just so I could be a part of the most Famous People on the Internet segment… At the moment I looked in to the abyss… I thought, fuck, what happened to my life…. then I realized how beautiful life was… and came up with “His new mob name is Big Belly”.

  14. Jenn

    Why is his man titty hanging out? It’s the middle of winter. Put it away.

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