1. JimBB

    The Drama League Presents “Waiting for Godot, While Smoking Weed.”

  2. Typecasting… he has it.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    We didn’t need to see a reenactment of the first time Doogie realized he was gay.

  4. Ruckus

    “OMG!! A Doobie Howser!!! Is that what you were about to say?? Is that a DOOBIE HOWSER??”

    KAL: “Goddammit.”

  5. John

    Zachary is saying it all with his eyes.

    *Puff Puff…Pass…otherwise you fuck up the rotation*

  6. kafak

    I… I don’t know whether to present a dick joke or a pot joke… I just… this is just too much…

  7. “Me, typecast forever as Kumar? NAAAAAW.”

  8. Hamm sandwich.

  9. “At the very least, at the absolute minimum, I still have my dignity.”– Kal Penn 30 seconds before this skit started and they handed him the enormous prop joint.

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