1. contusion

    She spotted the sugar cubes and apples. Damn.

  2. Say what you want, but Mane & Tail does give hair incredible body.

  3. Look at her go after her ears! Did somebody let her out without her fly mask on again?

  4. “Get he a bucket of oats. STAT!”

  5. Wheres my hat ?

    Give the girl a break. Its a trying time for her kind what with the beefburger scandal in Europe.

  6. angerinside

    New spokesperson for Irish Lasagna because as they say “You are what you eat”.

  7. She has got to be freaking out wondering if she is going to become the next IKEA meatball dish.

  8. foog

    Really? Must we always stoop to making horse jokes whenever there is a picture of her? I for one, say neigh!

  9. “You see, blinders are these things that fit right around behind my ears and protrude on either side of my face to cover my peripheral vision…”

  10. tlmck

    There was a major conference of the world’s leading plastic surgeons. After much discussion and deliberation, they took one look at her picture and realized that there was nothing they could do except chip in for a year’s supply of oats.

  11. navvet75

    I’m waiting for her to stamp her feet um hoof when she counts

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