1. tlmck

    Is that Jed or Ward?

  2. Looks like she a hag and those are her two…you know.

  3. There’s Something about Tara

  4. Seriously, who is Jedward? Or do i want to know?

  5. Inner Retard

    Good, Tara needs the bright colors. Otherwise she might go home with the lamp post.

  6. Phoenix

    I assume Jedward is another useless tool like Rosie and all the other “professional homosexuals” out there. Wake up people! Your sexuality isn’t your job.

  7. Did she kill the other Jedward?

  8. addiction is hell.

  9. “Come on, tell me… How does my hair look?”

  10. This guy wears that hairdo just so he can be taller than his date.

  11. you hair would look like that too, if you’d made the mistake of peeking into Tara’s purse full of aborted fetuses.

  12. Martina

    Jeez, he’s a douche bag.
    Tara is still escort quality.

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